Firm Overview

Who we are

The Parzivand Law Firm is a full service employment and commercial litigation law firm with offices in Sugar Land and Houston Texas. The firm seeks to provide personalized legal counsel to both individuals and businesses regarding employment discrimination, retaliation, harassment, payment of overtime wages, non-compete agreements, commercial litigation, and employee benefits issues.

Our Strategy

Our forte is in assessing clients’ employment situations and comprehensively planning a strategy to obtain the best potential outcome for the client. To do so, the firm researches the legal issues closely, determines which claims are viable, interviews available witnesses, and strategically targets opponents’ weaknesses.

We Take Client Service Seriously

While representing a client on any legal matter, we are keenly aware that for the client, the matter we are handling is their only legal matter. As a result, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients updated on their legal matter and returning all calls promptly. While some lawyers may see time spent speaking to their client as a waste, the firm’s philosophy is that speaking to clients enhances the firm’s ability to strategically manage litigation, because it enables us to learn additional facts and respond to opponent attacks.