Hessam Parzivand

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While a student at the University of Houston Law Center, I gained invaluable experience working for a law firm specifically focused on employment law matters. Some key learning experiences in my career thus far include the litigation of two of the largest overtime class-action lawsuits of the last decade. I have since built upon that experience to successfully defend employers from investigations by the Department of Labor as well as assist both businesses and employees through employment litigation, employment agreements, and compliance issues.

Do I need an employment litigation lawyer?

What you need to ask yourself is:
is it worth the risk not to call?

If you're questioning whether or not you’re in need of legal counsel for your work-related issue, the answer is probably “yes.” You don't want to risk the future of your professional career or your business by trying to navigate the legalities of litigation alone.

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No matter what brings you to my firm, I have created an environment dedicated to being a place where you feel safe sharing your story. You can have peace of mind that your concerns will not only be heard but also acted on, by a knowledgeable legal professional.


I try to keep my services as affordable as possible for my clients. For example, when I see an opportunity to replace traditional litigation with a creative, cost-saving solution, I will be transparent in making that option known.


I am proud to serve the communities of Sugar Land, Texas. My clients can expect prompt responses to their questions and regular updates at every step of the way because I want my clients to know that they're in good hands.

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I have represented employees through their employment law disputes
and worked with business owners to learn from and avoid conflicts like:


Federal law protects employees from discrimination and harassment because of their immutable characteristics. If you have experienced discrimination or been accused of it, you have every right to stand up for yourself.

Overtime Disputes

Whether you are an hourly, salary, or contracted employee, you deserve to be compensated fairly for your hours of work. When overtime pay reaches a point of contention, reach out to an attorney to know your rights.

Unfair Wages

If an employee feels taken advantage of by their employer, they can do something about it with the help of an experienced lawyer. It's important to get familiar with your rights as a Texas worker and take steps to claim fair wages.


From both the employer and employee perspective, non-compete agreements should be black and white. However, some gray area can come into play when drafted incorrectly or when an employee is unclear about the terms of the agreement.

Retaliation Claims

When a business is suspected of fraudulent activity, an employee is protected by law from retaliation for coming forward to report it. If you believe you were fired for being a whistleblower, you may have legal grounds to protect your professional future.

Breach of Contract

There are many types of contracts that an employer or employee could break (aka “breach”) that would give the other side reason to file a lawsuit against them. Working with an attorney can help to minimize that risk.

Let’s work together so you can focus on moving forward.

If you or your business is facing a stressful legal issue, seeking counsel can help take the confusion out of what to do next. With the help of an attorney, you can better understand whether or not your case needs to be resolved in court. Working with an experienced lawyer can also help resolve your legal issues more quickly and efficiently.