Severance Negotiation by An Employment Lawyer -10 Things That Matter

In the age of COVID-19, I’m sadly seeing more and more high-level employees coming to me with severance agreements that need to be reviewed. There are so many dimensions and angles to severance agreements that most employees don’t realize exist. Below is a list of things that I can do to help my clients:

  1. Determining if the employee has any discrimination or retaliation claims.
  2. Reviewing the language to make sure the employee understands the agreement.
  3. Determining how severance effects employee eligibility for unemployment
  4. Advising with regard to bonuses, commissions due, and stock compensation
  5. Making sure the employer is not preventing the employee from competing and advising on what an employee’s rights to compete are.
  6. Advising on fringe benefit issues such as relocation payments, signing bonuses, and outplacement services.
  7. Advising on non-disparagement clauses and neutral reference provisions.
  8. Advocating for fairer severance compensation based on the unique circumstances of the employee.
  9. Giving my client peace of mind in a difficult time.
  10. Determining if the employee has any overtime claims.


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