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Non-Compete Agreements: A Tool to Protect Your Confidential Information

  • Myth: Non-Compete Agreements Are Generally Unenforceable

  • Reality: A Well-Written Non-Compete can protect your company from having its employees or confidential information leave for competitors.

It is true that non-competes were not generally enforceable, but the law has rapidly evolved to make more non-competes enforceable. Your competitors are using non-compete agreements which are enforceable to the maximum extent the law permits. Why aren’t you? Even if you have a non-compete agreement that was written a few years ago, you need to have that agreement evaluated to see whether it provides you with the best protection. Non-competes must be carefully crafted to the individual circumstances of an employee so it is important to have competent legal counsel. The Parzivand Law Firm has experience drafting, reviewing, and even litigating non-compete agreements.