Reviewing Severance Agreements Attorney in Stafford, Texas

Employers occasionally offer severance agreements to employees who are being terminated. In many cases, they offer the severance agreements to buy peace of mind from future litigation costs. The Parzivand Law Firm takes a three-tiered approach to evaluating severance agreements:

  1. Evaluate whether the employee has any viable claims that are being released.

    Most employees don’t know what potential claims they may have against their employers and how much money those claims may be worth. The Parzivand Law Firm is experienced in handling employment law matters and detecting potential claims an employee may be able to assert.

  2. Review the severance agreement to determine the benefits the employee will receive.

    Contractual provisioning can be complicated. The Parzivand Law Firm can explain the proposed severance to ensure that your expectations are aligned with the language of the agreement.

  3. Negotiate severance provisions or compensation.

    The Parzivand Law Firm can advise you on potential negotiations for compensation and on the terms of your severance agreement.