Employee Handbooks Attorney in Stafford, Texas

The employee handbook is an employer’s first line of defense in matters ranging from unemployment claims proceedings to vacation accrual and disciplinary policies and actions. As a result, it is critical that employers have a clear employee handbook that sets proper expectations for employees regarding their working conditions.

By implementing an employee handbook, The Parzivand Law Firm can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Clearly communicate with managers and employees regarding policy implementation.
  • Establish that employees are at-will unless specifically designated otherwise.
  • Clarify vacation and leave policies for all employees.
  • Establish disciplinary procedures and communicate expectations to employees.
  • Ensure that employees are informed regarding how to report harassment to supervisors.
  • Define expected work hours.
  • Reduce unemployment insurance taxes.
  • Establish proper timekeeping procedures and responsibilities.
  • Prohibit illegal deductions from employee pay.