Employee Representation

Employees' Loss of Wages

I obtained collective action certification on behalf of employees who were automatically deducted for lunch breaks. Over one hundred employees were given notice of the overtime case. I obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of those employees who chose to join the matter.

Sexual Harassment

I represented an executive in a sexual harassment matter and obtained a favorable settlement on gender discrimination and sexual harassment claims.

Loss of Bonus

I represented an individual whose bonus was not paid thus breaching her employment contract and obtained a favorable settlement for the contract breach

Wrongful Termination

I represented an employee who was terminated because of his need for FMLA leave after being injured on the job. I was successful in obtaining settlement of the matter.

Employee Consultant

I frequently consults with employees regarding severances and non-competes.

Employer Represenative

Corporate Representative

I represented a corporation with regard to non-payment of a contractually agreed amount and was able to negotiate an agreed judgment and payment plan.

Employer Consultant for Compliance

I frequently consult with employers regarding compliance issues under various statutes including the Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime compliance) and Title VII.

Employer Defender

I have defended employers facing sexual harassment, Title VII, and religious discrimination cases.

Lease Negotiator

I have represented corporations with regard to commercial lease negotiations

Employer Consultant for Handbooks

I frequently work on employee handbooks for employers.