Family Leave Proposal 

Parzivand discusses the critical issue of paid leave, specifically a bipartisan proposal that was just introduced in Congress. The proposal would provide $5,000 to families who are having a child

Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act

Parzivand discusses the federal defend trade secrets act and how it protects misappropriated trade secrets. Legislation protecting trade secrets is essential to protecting the interests of employers. 

Whistle Blowers in Texas

Parzivand discusses whistleblowing and where protections in Texas extend regarding it. Federal and state laws protect specific areas of law, but there is no encompassing statute that protects whistleblowing in itself. Parzivand talks about the types of whistleblowing that are protected.

Why Family Leave is Important

Parzivand discusses the topic of family leave and the current bipartisan legislation congress is introducing. Family leave is important to households and workplaces alike.

Kapernick vs NFL

Hessam Parzivand discusses the biggest employment law case of the year. Colin Kapernick's case against the NFL is over. The settlement is confidential, but an endless subject of sport fan talk. Parzivand is asked to give an employment lawyer's perspective.

Workplace Romance

Parzivand discusses office romance in the wake of Valentine’s Day. Sexual harassment is a growing problem that has increasingly become a topic in workplaces. The regulation of romance in the workplace is a challenge for human resources departments.

Americans with Disabilites Act

Parzivand discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act and its sweeping coverage. The Americans with disabilities act is a piece of legislation that protects people with medical conditions from discrimination. It even protects people who do not have medical conditions, but are discriminated against, because of perceived disabilities.

Family Leave

Hessam Parzivand discusses a proposal to provide parents with Family Leave funded by social security, Parzivand is asked to give an employment lawyer’s perspective on the proposal and work-related leave in the wake of the recent election.

Leaving a Job

Parzivand discusses the process of moving on from a job in the perspective of the employer and the employee. More specifically, Hessam Parzivand discusses the federal Defend. Trade Secrets Act and how it protects the misappropriation of trade secrets when an employee is leaving a company.

Texas Worker's Rights

Parzivand discusses the rights of injured employees in Texas. He discusses Texas’ workers compensation retaliation statute, protections of workers via the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the ability of employees to take intermittent and long term leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. Workers compensation is a revolving topic that affects employer-employee relationships nationwide.

More Difficult to File Class Action Suits 

Parzivand discusses the Supreme Court’s ruling on class action waivers in an employment context. The court ruled that arbitration clauses would essentially trump the national labor relations act’s concerted action protection and make it more difficult to file class actions. Hessam Parzivand gives an employment lawyer’s perspective on the changing climate.

Religion in the Workplace

Parzivand discusses the master cakeshop case and the implications of its ruling. Masterpiece cakeshop was a notorious case that protected the free exercise of religion as it applies to making a wedding cake for same sex couples.

Pregnant Worker's Rights

Parzivand discusses the rights of pregnant employees by speaking about the interplay between the Family Medical Leave Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The statutes often come into play collectively as issues arise in the workplace.

Proposed Program to Defer Social Security

Parzivand discusses the Marco Rubio’s proposal for a paid leave program that will potentially defer social security retirement. A paid leave program would be a stride to the end of protecting families well-being in the realm of employment.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Parzivand discusses the tolerance of legal marijuana use in workplaces. Medical marijuana use during work has been protected by Massachusetts discrimination law, however, nonmedical legal marijuana generally can be restricted by the employer.

Medical Marijuana

Parzivand discusses the tolerance of legal marijuana use in workplaces. Medical marijuana use during work has been protected by Massachusetts discrimination law, however, nonmedical legal marijuana generally can be restricted by the employer.


The "Me Too" Movement

Parzivand discusses sexual harassment and the complexities surrounding legal action. Sexual harassment occurs more regularly than we imagine.

Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Acts

Parzivand discusses the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act and what this law actually means to the business world. Hessam Parzivand gives an employment lawyer’s analysis of the potential implications of the trade secrets act. 

Family Medical Leave Act

Parzivand discusses the Family Medical Leave Act as it applies to the workplace. The legislation is sweeping as its provisions apply to self-care and family care. 

Sarbanes-Oxley's Retaliation Provisions

Parzivand the meaning of employment at-will. Particularly, Sarbanes-Oxley is explored  as it applies to publicly traded companies. Sarbanes Oxley is a broad protection created to protect employees from retaliation as it relates to the reporting of fraud.

Chaos in Overtime Regulations

Parzivand discusses overtime laws and the enforceability of certain overtime legislation. The issue of exemption is an active issue of litigation. between the judiciary branch and the department of labor.

The Americans with Disabilities Act Covers Many Medical Conditions And Allows Telework As An Accommodation At Times

Paid Leave and Overtime Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act 

Social Media in The Workplace

New Overtime Regulations

Uber and Its Employee/Contractor Problem